Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prevue Simulator and TVSS 2.0 to be release soon‏

So AriX, the Prevue Simulator will be our new simulator for all EPG/Prevue/TV Guide software much like the MAME or MESS that this simulator will simulate the Prevue Networks/TV Guide Networks satellite feeds along with its bottom-screen grid, otherwise we will also have music from hard drive folders during times where the video previews for broadcast/cable networks are not carried by the simulator and will also include 2 video windows for every half-screen which will overlay each video window and blacking out the other promo to allow for scheduling information about each program and channel along with text and graphic ad's and graphical Prevue/TV Guide logos as well as a creator/editor for its scheduled events/fixed time schedule where available in this simulator.

For example, if the Prevue Channel carried a episode of Maisy on the simulator, your scheduled event is:
08:59:40 EDT - Prevue Channel Ident
09:00:00 EDT - Maisy

And, if Prevue aired sports highlights, it will be:
22:14:59 EDT - Grid guide and the Satellite Grid Guide goes down to Prevue Sports.
22:15:00 EDT - Prevue Channel Ident (5 second ident)
22:15:05 EDT - Prevue Sports Intro
22:15:15 EDT - Prevue Sports

Thanks AriX, we can't wait for the Prevue Simulator software starting soon.

And also soon, we will bring you the new version of TVSS and it will have new features, new icons, new graphics, new animated logo bugs, and many more!!!

Features on TVSS version 2.0 will include:
*TV Rating Icons: These icons appear at the start of each television program or video
*Rating Bumpers: Our rating bumpers before each show or video display a TV/film rating and other icons such as closed captioning and content descriptors
*Up Next Bumpers: The up next bumpers after each show promoting the next program/video and our next program's time/date
*Daypart Openers: These openers for every daypart are shown before the program lineup begins
*Feature/Special Presentation Openers: All of these feature/special presentation openers are for each genre and tempo
*World Premiere Openers: Same as the feature/special presentation openers, but with searchlights, world map, and the station's logo
*Tonight On... Bumpers: These bumpers let you promote what's coming up tonight on each station
*Today On... Bumpers: Same as the Tonight On... bumpers, but with a more daytime feel
*Promo Graphics: This new feature lets you insert each promo graphic after each promo/advert with the program's logo, date, time, and station logo
*Animated Station ID's: Our animated station ID's gives you clips from television shows/videos, graphics, station logo, and legal ID
*Promo Open Dount: These promo open dounts are shown at the start of each promo/advert
*Behind the Scenes openers: Our openers are for behind the scenes features on each station/channel
*Animated/Static Logo Bugs: This new feature let you insert your logo bugs during each program/video with the time, temp, date, and a mutli-zone ticker
*In-Program Pointers: These in-program pointers lets you promote what's coming up next on each station with the next program's video
*Animated Lower Thirds: Animated lower thirds gives you to insert your name, location, and a live bug at the top-left corner
*Animated Talent Opens: Our talent openers gives you the talent of each station in a 2-talent, 3-talent, 4-talent, 5-talent, 6-talent format on all opens
*Animated Program Opens: Our program openers gives you the scheme for each program/video with the station logo, legal ID, and the program's logo
*Animated Full Screen Slates: The animated full screen slates give you split-screen, list, sports scores, and weather conditions/forecast
*Weather Maps: Our weather maps give you radar, satellite, temperatures, winds, high/low, surface, precip, travel delays, and more
*LiveView: Our liveview cams gives you a view of each city via Webcams and via the transmitters across the network
*Copyright Notices: Our copyright notices may shown at the start of the new broadcast day at 6am CT/7am ET every day and at the end of each program/video
*Original Production Intros/Outros: These intros/outros may air at the start and end of every original program on each station
*Over-the-shoulder Graphics: Our OTS graphics gives you a program's image/photo, and need to insert the text
*Test Patterns with Tone/Music: These test patterns may be shown before the broadcast day with either the 1050hz tone, or music from hard drive folders
*Legal ID Overlay: Our feature gives you to insert your station's legal ID overlayed at the top of the hour during longer programs/videos
*Time/Temp Overlay: We give you the current time/temp overlayed at 15, 30, 45 minutes past the hour during longer programs/videos
*L-Bar Corner Forecast: We also give your weather conditions, forecast, and radar at 10, 20, 40, and 50 minutes past each hour during longer programs
*Auto-JiP: This feature can signal the end of a overrun show and joins the program in progress at special times may very
*Station Production Logos: All station production logos may be shown in the style of TV channel production logos at the very end of the program or video
*Logo Overlay: This new feature will overlay all broadcast/cable channel logos with your own logo at each promo/ad's start and end
*Mini-Movies Openers: All mini-movies openers features the station logo, searchlights, movie cameras, film strips, film countdown, and your own name
*Station Graphics Packages: The station's graphics packages are from current and retro graphic companies such as jcbD, TVBD, VDO, Giant Octopus, and many more
*L-bar/Lower Third Squeezebacks: This new feature gives you updated news, sports, traffic, weather, business, lottery, e-mails, and LiveView cams
*Credits Squeezes: Our new feature gives you the program's credits at the top-right, promos/ads at the bottom-left, and places your own logo and what's up next
*Hotboards: This feature gives you all stocks, prices, charts, and international stock prices in a business channel-style format for every station
*Segment Openers/Closers: Each opener and closer are for every segment on every station such as Up Next, (branding) Tonight, Premiering Soon, and Showing All Day/Week
*Severe Weather FirstAlert: When severe weather occurs, this new feature places a digital on-screen graphic and ticker for severe weather and major emergencies
*Live Lottery Numbers: Our feature gives you live lottery numbers and drawings in a ticker format at the first minute of each program/video
*Live Children's Birthdays: Our new feature also gives you a live ticker of child's birthdays made for you and will only seen during children's programming
*Live L-bar Sports Updates/Alerts: This new feature brings you a live rundown of scores for every sport and will only seen every night during each program/video
*Live High Scores Ticker: This new feature that gives you live high scores from every arcade in ticker-form and will only seen in the afternoon and on weekends during each program/video
*Virtual Sets/Presenters: Each virtual set is customized for each station and gives you virtual presenters for every daypart and will only seen before each program/video
*Virtual Puppets: All virtual puppets are from every puppet such as Nick Jr's The Feetbeats and RSL's Paz the Penguin and will only seen before children's programming
*Virtual Split-Screen: Our feature gives you one program on the left, and the other program on the right, and is the perfect backdrop for every program/video on every station

In addition to new features, our schedules will make a change:
* Early Schedule moves the start time from 7am to 6am
* Primetime Schedule expands to 7 nights a week
* Night Schedule moves the start time from 9pm to 10pm
* Main Schedule moves the start time from 10am to 9:15am
* Lunchtime Schedule starts from 12noon to 1pm
* Overnight Schedule starts from 1am to 6am
* Breakfast Schedule starts from 7am to 9:15am
* Prime Access Schedule starts from 6:30pm to 8pm

And also, the new version of TVSS will even have Youtube support so you can have all the Youtube videos free of charge to the user without downloading and uploading the videos.

And with new features on the new version of TVSS, we also bring you a new interface which will debut soon along with a new download link which will be here soon as well.

And by the way, the new version of TVSS will auto-update each XML file to detect 
changes in the hard drives in order to keep entertain and inform, 24 hours a day.

And with so many features on the new version of TVSS, we will also include our new automated master control that will feature:
* Program/Preview monitors
* Monitors for graphics, VTR's, cameras, still store, logo bugs, remotes, live shots
* Automated video switcher
* Automated audio mixer/digital music cart system

In addition to the features, TVSS 2.0 will add the Station Announcer section to the main screen where you can customize the station branding, promo end tags, news topicals, station ID's, signon/off announcements, your own promos, next on promos, rating bumpers, and program lineup promos, all voiced by the voice talent people like Mitch Craig, Roger Thompson, David Kaye, Scott Chapin, Bill Ratner, Jim Cutler, Pat Garrett, Doug Paul, John B. Wells, Charlie Van Dyke, Peter Drew, Beau Weaver, Jeff Rechner, Hal Douglas, Sean Caldwell, Danny Dark, and many more.

That's the Prevue Simulator and the new version of TVSS, starting soon.

Thank you, Kaylor and AriX.

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